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You will receive an email from us, once the whitelisting is completed and you can contribute funds.


The address for contributions is: 0xba0ACae9E66474cdB9f4ADBD010145042aac7EeC

Note: the contribution address has changed as of 20. March 2018 to adjust for the price volatility of ETH. Reporter’s team has decided to maintain fair treatment of backers by keeping pricing of NEWS tokens near the originally published levels despite the rise in the value of ETH. You find the new conversion rates below.

You can also contribute through your NEM or Ripple address. Contributions in other crypto will be exchanged to ETH using the daily closing rates on Tokens will be issued within a few days after calculating the exchange rate to ETH.


Reporter is using as an escrow agent for the XRP and XEM funds, which are safeguarded with cutting edge crypto-security solution. You can contribute in XRP and XEM to the address appearing in the confirmation box after you registered.

Token Sale

6.13 % Commited

Initial milestone 4500 ETH


Hard Cap
9000 ETH

Road Map


Take a photo/video

Upload / start selling

Add some tags

Set the price

Write a brief caption

Be notified when sold

REPORTER is the simplest way to sell your pictures and videos to the media worldwide

Cryptography-based data verification.

Enhanced authentication process where the content’s proof of existence is also stored on the public Ethereum blockchain to verify any further future copies for authenticity


Tibor Szoke


20 years of experience in product, technology and business development 

Norbert Hajdu


20 years of experience in business development, management and marketing

Matyas Vince (HU)


40 years of experience in news industry, former president of MTI and EANA 

Zoltan Szoke


15 years of experience in business development and project management

Advisory Board

Andras Kristof (SG)

15 years of experience at Yahoo, and Yojee; blockchain expert and ICO tech advisor

Csaba R. Horvath (SG)

15 years of investment experience, blockchain track record, partner of Fusion Capital 


Aniko Ribarszki (CH)

15 years of investment experience, strategy & business development



28 years of experience in news technology, director of Media Technology Bureau of Yonhap News Agency



25 years’ media industry experience, including 15 years at BBC Newsgathering; Managing Editor at Blockchain News and ICO Adviser. 

Reporter Community is the first market player to integrate blockchain technology into UGC which offers a 100% verified authentication process to all market players.

NEWStoken Bounty Program

Phase 1 - Engage: 

  • Follow us on Twitter and retweet a max. 1 week old post for each of the next 2 weeks from (to min. 250 followers) 

Follow us on Twitter and retweet a max. 1 week old post for each of the next 2 weeks AND Follow us on Medium, clap or comment any content (available to all)

  • Post a relevant comment on our Bitcointalk thread on why blockchain & authentic news are good a match 
  • Sign up to our Telegram channel and post a relevant comment on our token sale documents
  • Register your interest in NEWS tokens at our website on

What else do you need to do?

Fill in this form with your details to get the bounty tokens: ...
We will need your Twitter handle & retweet link, Medium, Bitcointalk and Telegram handles and the same ETH address you provided under step 4 above.

What do you get in return?

We will credit your address with 100 tokens for your support and interest before closing the Tier 1 of the token sale. The amount of tokens available for redemption is limited at 200,000 NEWS tokens, so hurry up grab the opportunity.

We will release more tokens soon, keep us in your sight!

The NEWS token team

We’re out to spread the word for our working MVP and our blockchain based news content platform. Help us, support us and we’ll reward you.

Bounty is paid in NEWS tokens for accomplishing specific tasks. We will update the tasks until the end of the campaign, so check back frequently for any new opportunities. The total bounty pool to be distributed is 1,200,000 NEWS tokens (or 2% of the total supply). The bounty pool will come off from the allocation earmarked to advisors and team, and will be free to transact without lock-in periods.

Tick these off to get tokens from the first batch.

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